Readers sound off on Danny May appeal

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By The Staff

I am writing in regard to the May appeal story because I am one of the few people who have seen the records that exist which contain certain statements made by the state that are in my opinion very wrong for a person of the court to make when they are involved in the case that decides the fate of that person.

I feel that the public should be able to see just how wrong the court actually did Danny. I have known Danny for years and know he would never have done the things that he was charged wth. He is by no means a saint, but a rapist he is not. I feel that the truth of the whole ordeal will be able to be seen finally.

I also want the paper to know how grateful that we are that you have seen what is really going on and will tell you that there are more people on Danny’s side than people realize.

Thank you for being a paper that is not afraid of showing the public the truth.

Carolyn Haskins