Reasons for much seasonal thanks

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By Steve Moore

We have much to be thankful for at this time of year, when traditionally we pause after the yearly harvest. Especially pleasing is the custom we have established in this country for family gatherings.

So many people are connected to Henry County and its’ agricultural past and present, and will be returning to visit family and friends. Our wishes from the Henry County Extension Staff are for your Thanksgiving holiday to be peaceful and pleasant.

Even as we enjoy family, we’ll see much evidence of a bountiful harvest from our farmlands. A decent size and good quality tobacco crop will be seen on the roads, making its way to the market where the best prices in several years are being offered. Grain harvest will still be underway, as likely the biggest total yield for corn and soybeans is moving toward on-farm bins and the river terminal. Our livestock enjoy some of the best late pastures we’ve seen in years, and we know that ample hay supplies are available for the coming winter.

I am personally thankful to work and live in Henry County with a job that touches and is touched by the rich agricultural heritage and the people who work the land. Several years ago, the agricultural leadership of Henry County impressed me and that feeling has only been strengthened through the years. We are truly blessed to have leaders in every aspect of life in Henry County who understand the importance of agriculture to the fabric of life here. And we are excited about young people beginning careers in farming and related jobs, and already taking important leadership roles.

Again, may your harvest of agriculture, family, and friends be bountiful this season.