Reclaiming lost memories

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By The Staff

As recent graduates of Eminence High School, we remember being told often, if not every day, "Always do the right thing" and "Always make good choices."

Looking back on our high school days, we realize that the city of Eminence did not make a good choice or "do the right thing" by closing the Eminence swimming pool and taking away our recreational activities.

The city forced us to spend our summers going to other cities to find things to do. While a lot of city leaders may consider us "young and dumb," at least we are smart enough to know that a city that chooses to make summer recreation for kids a low priority will not attract businesses and families to relocate here. Now that's a no-brainer.

We now hear that the new city council has chosen to "do the right thing" and reopen the Eminence swimming pool this summer.

While it is too late for us, at least it will be good for the kid that still live here.

Who knows, maybe some of us can come back on our summer break from college and make some memories at the Eminence swimming pool.

Hey, maybe there is some hope for this town.

Erick Shannon, Jenna Peterson, Cameron Sharp, Whitney Jamison, Amber Sparrow, Victoria Thornton, Chassidy Durrant, Sara Cooper, Brandon Powell, Kendra Doublas