With regard to “Judges: New Space is Needed”

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I am very sympathetic to our Judges, and court workers, in their desire for a new court house. These officials work very hard and operate in less than ideal conditions. They make a good case for improved working conditions and, of course, everyone would like a new office. Unfortunately for these hard-working people, money is the issue. Yes, the money is coming from another government entity but we all pay for everything government does.

Our federal, state, and local governments are operating in the red. Overall, every dollar government spends is borrowed money. Our children, and grandchildren, will pay for our financial misdeeds. We need only look to Europe to see what happens when government spends, and promises, more than it can deliver; government workers rioting in the streets.

There are three choices to solve this problem:
1. We can raise taxes. Not really a smart move, especially in our troubled economy. As European countries have discovered, there is a point of diminishing returns.  
2.  We can “inflate” our way out of the problem by making the dollar worth less and less as we pay back our debt. This is also a scary proposition, and hurts the elderly and those on fixed incomes the most. If you liked paying $4 a gallon for gas you’ll love rampant inflation and $8 a gallon. 
3.  We can stop spending!

Ever notice that the biggest, fanciest, buildings in many areas are government buildings? When I moved to Henry County years ago I was very proud that wasn’t the case here. It sends the message that government is here to serve the people, and that the people aren’t here just to support the government.

Our country is financially “broke.” This courthouse isn’t a huge expenditure, but we have to start cutting somewhere. Our “needs” have outstripped our ability to pay; I think it’s time to reexamine our “needs.”

Fleet Smith