Relishing the pleasure of snow

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I am one happy camper this week; we have snow! I am one of those people who love the snow. Do I sound like an overgrown kid? That’s probably because I revert to being a child again when it snows.    

The rest of the adult world may see snow as being problematic, but I see it through a child’s eyes, and I light up brighter than a Christmas tree when I see the white fluffy stuff falling from the sky.

Nature’s white blanket has always delighted me. As a child, snow meant we might have a day off from school.

More than that, snow meant snow angels, snow forts, and of course, snowball fights with my three brothers. Being the only girl, snowball fights were my opportunity to show my brothers I could play in the snow the same as they could. After playing in the cold and snow for hours, there was hot chocolate to warm us.

When there was enough snow, the sled came out and we took turns. It was always a contest to see which of us could ride the sled the farthest. This is where I could always out do my brothers. You might think, after years of my always winning, they would grow weary of the game and quit, but they never did. Maybe, they hoped they would win at some point. Or perhaps, they just continued with the game because it made me so happy.

Sometimes, brothers are like that.

As an adult, I learned to ski. Alpine or cross country skiing; it doesn’t much matter to me. What matters was I get to be out in the snow. Now, I admit, strapping long narrow pieces of wood to your boots isn’t exactly natural, but that’s okay too. It’s being outside with the snow falling and seeing the ground covered with a gigantic white blanket that matters. And one doesn’t have to be a good skier to enjoy watching others as they learn to manipulate their bodies in an effort to stay upright on skies. From toddlers to seniors, the struggle is the same - keep the body perpendicular to the long narrow pieces of wood strapped to your feet.

In the last few years, I have found snow shoeing to be fun, but exhausting. While I enjoy the quiet stillness of snow shoeing, the challenges of walking with wide pieces of wood strapped to my boots leaves me tired after a very short time. I much prefer the cross country skiing.

Then there is the snow machining. One gets to cover a much larger distance in a much shorter time. Granted, they are not very quiet, but they are ever so much fun. For those of us who are admittedly, overgrown kids, snow machines offer the opportunity to spend hours outdoors in the snow with a bit of comfort.

For me, I’ll do all of them just to be outside and feel the snowflakes as they fall on my face. Snow, I thoroughly enjoy it. The kid in me always wants more and more snow. Enjoy the snow!