Renew Shelby Energy Campaign

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Kentuckians for the Commonwealth is committed to the proposition that, because Shelby Energy Rural Electric Cooperative is owned jointly by its members, it should be responsive to their needs. Our Renew Shelby Energy Campaign has three simple goals:
• Open the meetings of Shelby Energy so that members have the right to attend board meetings and have issues placed on board meeting agendas;
• Open the records of Shelby Energy to examination by members; and
• Ensure open and fair elections, including nomination by petition for all board directors, mail-in ballot voting, and the prohibition of proxy voting.
Toward that end, KFTC is encouraging Shelby Energy members to petition Shelby Energy to adopt a Member’s Bill of Rights that includes voting and election safeguards, as well as provisions for open meetings and records. You can sign this petition on-line at www.renewshelbyenergy.org. You can also find the campaign on Facebook at facebook.com/RenewShelbyEnergy.
Leslie McBride
Shelby County Chapter, Kentuckians for the Commonwealth