In response to “From bank to jail to classroom”

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By The Staff

The hiring of Bill Covington for EIS Special Education Teacher reinforces my continued admiration for the Eminence School Board, the Administration and Site Based Council.  Mr. Covington is a distinguished educator and since 1983 has tirelessly served the school as a coach, mentor to numerous youth, teachers and the administrative staff.  Mr. Covington’s financial support enabled scholarships, enhanced many programs and helped make EIS become the respected institution we have now.

The media may offer “disgraced,” “good man,” but the many hundreds if not thousands of lives Bill Covington has influenced and touched speak of his greatness, integrity, selflessness, wisdom and courage.

The leaders of the Eminence Independent School system demonstrate their continued dedication to employ the highest qualified, distinguished and committed teachers, which they have in Mr. Covington.  This is a win-win opportunity for the school, its staff and students.  We should endorse, embrace and welcome this decision.  We have employed one of the best qualified teachers, who should be treated as a new teacher, and viewed on his excellent results with students, not on any other standards.

Claude A. Berry III