Reuse your Christmas tree in a favorite fishing pond

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By Levi Berg

For most families, the start of the Christmas season is searching for that perfect, natural Christmas tree, and then we bring it home to decorate.
The tree gets decorated and pampered for the next month and then Christmas comes around.
However, by this time, your tree might be losing needles and losing some luster, but your tree can still provide a warming embrace at the end of its life.
Real natural Christmas trees can easily be recycled and provide excellent fish habitat.
Think about recycling instead of just throwing your beloved Christmas tree in a brush pile or trash.
Christmas trees make excellent fish habitat especially in ponds and lakes because Christmas trees provide refuge and feeding areas for the fish.
Also, the decomposing Christmas tree provides valuable food for insects and worms that the fish eat.
The first step to recycling your Christmas tree is to remove all lights and ornaments. The second step is to anchor the tree in a large coffee can with concrete. The concrete will weigh down the Christmas tree, so it stands in the water.
The third step is picking a spot to drop your Christmas tree.
Make sure your drop spot is well away from swimming areas and is a portion of water a few feet deeper than the tree’s height.
Final step, sit back and relax. This is a great way to recycle your Christmas tree and your fish will thank you.
Most of us do not have a large private pond or lake, but you can still recycle your tree.
The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources is accepting Christmas trees at select locations.
These Christmas trees will be used to provide more fish habitat in lakes around the Bluegrass.
The closest recyling location for Henry County is at Guist Creek Lake Marina in Shelby County, and that address is 11990 Boat Dock Road, Shelbyville.
The trees must be natural and free from ornaments and lights. Please contact Jeff Crosby at (502) 564-5448 if you have questions about dropping off your Christmas tree.