Run as fast as you can to the hills

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By Brad Bowman

I started to wonder if I would get a chance to write another column on here to you. There’s been so much politicking on this page I thought perhaps we should rename it ‘The Podium’ or ‘The Primary for The Primary’ instead of ‘Opinion.’

Now don’t get me wrong, I understand everyone’s views carry importance and every voice should be heard. Whether you are a bleeding heart liberal, a Dixiecrat, Democrat,  a Republican, a conservative, a moderate, a pastafarian (look it up on the Internet) or an extreme right winger, I believe there’s a place for you.

But today, I’m putting my little piece here and it has nothing to do with politics.

Technology’s promise of making our lives easier just doesn’t seem to be true.

The Internet, smartphones and television bombard us with so much noise. The text messages, because no one talks anymore, social media sites and the talking heads on every cable news channel fire a constant barrage of stimuli and senselessness.

 I urge you to step out of the race, the game and take a breath. All the noise and chatter will be here when you get back. I take my vacation during the fall for that reason.

Fall has always been a time for recharging and reconnecting to the land and loved ones for me. It’s a time, much like spring, where extreme temperatures are usually held at bay. The climate typically produces dramatic sunsets and late morning sunrises. The climate also rightfully produces a sense of veneration in me.

I will take that reverence with me on vacation this week.

The wife and I will seek refuge in a cabin in the woods without the Internet and hopefully cellphone service. I will step away from deadlines, breaking news and the political frippery.

I will immerse myself in the sanctuary of nature. I will take to the woods and seek solace in a cathedral of trees where I can sit quietly amongst a congregation of leaves, taking in a sermon of introspection.

I urge you, some time this fall, to do the same.