Santa Letters - Megan Sue Clifford

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By The Staff

Dear Santa,

How are all the elves doing? It must be hard on them since it's this time of year. Can you take a little breck and read my letter?

First, I won't a Nintendo DS because I only have baby games, and beside it broke the other night, and its boring. So now I have no videyo games to play. Now, I don't know what to do with the remolt cantrol.

Second, I would like games to play on the roed. I have been good and been having good grades. Here are the games I won't, Brane age, Hanah Montana, Deal or No Deal, Sweet Life of Zack and Coldy, Ratototey and those are the games I won't. I promes that I will play them.

Last, I will not drive my parents crazy that I won't them to play with me. And I will have something to do. And when I am done with errethang I will play inteal it's time to go to bed. Or inteal Mommy and Popa says time for super.

Could you get my DS in cow spots please. I would love to have this and please could you teach Popa the diffrets betwene wolfols and pancakes.


Megan Sue Clifford