Scrap your idea

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I’m writing in regards to the Point Pleasant Cemetery in Bethlehem.

This is an old graveyard, but people are still buried there quite often.

There used to be an old iron fence around a big portion of it. Notice I wrote, “Used to be.”

It sits in a very sharp curve off of KY 573. There’s been several wrecks there over the years and thanks to the fence it prevented a lot of damage to the cemetery and possibly a fatality.

Word is, the board (cemetery board) had a meeting with only 3 present and they decided to remove the fence. Really? Why wasn’t the public informed?

The one who removed it took it to the Pleasureville Recycling Center. That part was returned unable to be reused again, but where’s the rest of it? Like the gates?

The people buried behind the ‘used to be fence’ can’t speak for themselves, but they have family members who will still fight for their rights.

 I have a lot of family buried out there and someday my husband and myself will be buried there.

That fence is a part of history the way I see it. Both of my grandfathers took care of that cemetery in their time. My daddy died at almost 96 years of age. If he were still living he would be 103.

The fence was really, really old.  I have heard him tell about helping his daddy dig graves and helping his daddy paint that fence when he was a boy.

I feel like the people buried there have been stripped naked — that was their fence. It was part of the identity of the graveyard, the only thing between them and this old cruel world.

That’s the first place I go after a storm to check on mom and daddy. They are buried on the lower end near some trees and I’m so afraid one will fall on them and break their stone, but I surely didn’t think I would go out there and find the fence gone.

Now we have a cemetery where if your loved one is buried on one end there may be a tree fall on them. If they’re buried on the other end, they may have a car run over them.

This ordeal has caused a lot of hurt feelings. I’m sure if they only knew how bad they would have ‘scrapped’ their idea instead of the fence.

Carloyn (Peyton) Aldridge