Second Wind Dreams: Making others happy

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Submitted by Sue Barnett
There is a song with lyrics that say, “If I can make someone happy as I travel on, then my life would not be in vain.”
That is what Second Wind Dreams is all about. Our goal has been in the past to grant wishes and dreams to the residents at Homestead Nursing Home in New Castle. We’ve made their lives happier in many ways. Our dreams that have been granted in 2011 are:
1. A Valentine party with music and decorations by the New Castle United Methodist women.
2. 60 Blizzards for the Homestead Bingo group provided by the committee.
3. Coloring books, markers and crayons provided for Dodie and Saide from the Town and County Homemakers.
4. Second Wind Dreams purchased three Twiddle Muffs for three residents with dementia.
5. Anna Mae asked for large Bingo cards. The New Castle United Methodist Women provided them.
6. Dorothy received a beautiful quilt with matching pillow shams for her bed. Brenda Fox purchased them.
7. The Second Wind Dream and the Henry and Shelby County Dulcimer Group provided Marian with her 85th birthday party, complete with fireworks on July 4.
8. Ruth Ellegood’s dream of flying in an airplane was granted plus a ride in a limo with her friends Bernice, Frances and Zelma. Two went up for a 30-minute flight.
9. Raymond Washburn received as his wish garden soil and plants purchased by the committee and Homestead.
10. Pat Gray’s Smithfield Baptist Missionary group gave Janice a CD play and CDs of the 50s and 60s.
11. Wanda Miller was purchased a television with a built in DVD player by the Second Wind Dreams committee.
12. Ann received dresses and dusters from Zelma Winchester.
13. Sadie’s gift of a gown and headbands came from Sue Barnett.
14. Bernice wanted to hear the ocean so the committee bought two beach videos with pictures and sounds of the sea.
15. Margaret Hayden’s Bible group gave Mattie a night gown.
16. Edith Tendall prepared four night gowns split down the back for the residents that needed that style.
Pat Gray renewed the subscription to Birds and Blooms for the nursing home.
Pat’s rewarding that dream brought the number of dreams up to 124 since we began this enjoyable activity. Would you or your organization like to be a part of helping bring enjoyment to people who can no longer help themselves? If you would, contact Maryellen Garrison at the Extension office, 845-2811, or Sue Barnett at 845-0675.