Second Wind Dreams support appreciated

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By The Staff

Guest Commentary

In 2008, the Second Wind Dreams published a letter of thanks to those individuals who made possible a wish granted to the residents of Homestead Nursing Home in New Castle. Once again, we want to continue the list and the dream, and the ones who granted those wishes.

Unless you have seen the expressions of surprise, joy and appreciation in the faces of the recipients, then you cannot know how much it means to those residents. If you would like to help out by granting a wish and making dreams come true, please contact Maryellen Garrison at Henry County Cooperative Extension Office, 845-2811, or Sue Barnett at 845-0675.

Thanks goes to:

Cathy Shilts for a portable DVD player.

Jim Prewitt for a demonstration in carving.

Susan Coleman for a painting of a resident’s beloved Jack Russell terrier.

Zelma Winchester for a CD player and Alan Jackson tape.

Barbara Ann Callahan for a showing of 225 historical hats in on of Mother’s Day and Derby Day.

Margaret Hayden for tennis shoes.

United Methodist Women for two new outfits.

New Castle Christian Women’s Fellowship for a trip to the Shelbyville White Castle

Staff appreciation day: food sponsored by Alice Ferguson at the Chat ‘N Nibble; cookies and drinks provided by Margaret Hayden, Doug Kalbfleisch, Sue Barnett, Edith Tennill, Wanda Thurman, Sharon Fields, Shirley Sills and Betty Peyton.

Margaret Hayden and Sue Barnett for providing flowers for a resident’s wife.

The Busy Bee Club for jewelry for the Homestead Prom

United Women Methodists for a jumpsuit, perm and haircut.

The Second Wind Dreams committee, with help from Sue Barnett and Thelma Moody, for activity mats, balls and other apparatus.

Pleasureville Baptist Church for new clothes and a trip to the Eminence Catholic Church.

New Castle Baptist Church and Town and Country Homemakers for pants and tops.

New Castle Methodist, Edith Tennill, Saundra Smith, Helen Coombs and Joyce Spears for 18 lap robes and 18 wash clothes.

Melodye Fletcher and Lois James for a dresser for a resident.

Margaret Hayden for a wooden stool woodworking kit.

Helen Davis and Thelma Moody who made fleece lap robes for a program connected with “end of life” residents.

David Stahl and Reid Moore for a concert arranged by Saundra Smith.

Martha Rose Tipton for a crocheted flag blanket arranged by Saundra Smith.

Maryellen Garrison and Mona Huff for providing glamor shots of residents.

Franklinton Baptist Youth Group and sponsor Jo Brewer for a trip to the Chat ‘N Nibble, balloons and flowers.

Saundra Smith and the dulcimer group for a concert.

New Castle Methodist women for providing poinsettias for each resident at Christmas.

Annmarie Ivers for providing DVDs and CDs.

Anyone who took a resident to Veteran’s Day, Harvest Showcase, or the Sewells historical meeting.

Ruth Ann Mills Moore for providing music for Valentine’s Day.

If I have left anyone out, please contact me at 845-0675. the year is just beginning. Let’s see how many dreams we can fulfill in 2009. So far we’ve granted 61 dreams.