Selfish hummingbirds?

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By The Staff

For several days I observed a beautiful female ruby-throated hummingbird. She sat just outside my dining room window. I watched as she perched on the branch of an old Mock Orange bush.

I didn’t know that they could be selfish and self-serving. I watched as she repeatedly ran off other hummingbirds (male and female alike) from the feeders. There are three feeders and she spent the majority of her day from sunup to sundown doing this. She couldn’t possibly drink the contents of the feeders before it spoiled. She, however, considered them hers. I had to move one feeder to another place so that other hummingbirds could get to the nectar. She got tired and finally stopped her antics.

God revealed to me that we are like that, you and I. Often times we hold on to what we consider “ours.” This includes our time, money, possessions and everything we call “our stuff.” Some of this “stuff” took us years to accumulate and has been sitting around for about the same amount of time (these gems are different for men and women, so be nice here). If we took a look in our attics, basements, garages and closets, we would find items that we are holding on to because we may need them someday. Even as you read this there may be something that comes to mind. I would just ask you to consider your next thought that might possibly start with a “butee.” Just like the hummingbird this behavior gets in our way of doing God’s will. First we need to admit there is a problem. Then we have to make a conscious effort to physically remove whatever “it” is.

The citizens of Henry and surrounding counties have warmed my heart by the way they have responded to the needs of a young mom whose little girl has a rare type of brain cancer. I hesitate to mention the names of the individuals and businesses that have contributed their time, money, space and yes, “stuff.” I’m afraid that I might overlook someone, there are so many. But you know who you are.

I personally thank you. It feels good to live in a community with a heart for others in their time of need, in their time of heartache, fear and worry about how they are going to make it. By contributing in even the slightest way, you are telling this mom that she is worth it, that her child and family are worth it and you care.

God did the same for us when He sent His son, Jesus, to die for us. He did so because He wants us to have a personal relationship with Him. Once we glimpse His love for us, it becomes easier to show that love to others. Look around you. There is someone who needs to know that you care and that they are worth it. Reach out to them. Or, you could be like the beautiful hummingbird and keep it all to yourself. Your blessing lies in sharing yourself and what you have.

Jo Brewer