Shelbyville Fit for Life isn’t ‘one-size-fits-all’

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By Cindy DiFazio

Staff writer/photographer

“Pumpkin Pie Burner” is not, in this case, your mother-in-law’s nickname for your first attempt at cooking Thanksgiving Dinner. It’s the name of a free workout class the day after Thanksgiving for members of Shelby Fit For Life.

According to owner/trainer Peggy Railey Tschauner, her multi-dimensional health enhancement center for men, women and children offers solutions for people of all ages who want to be more fit, more active, lose weight, feel younger, regain strength and health, socialize and exercise.

“This is not a one-size-fits-all place,” she said. “If there are 10 people in here they’re probably all doing different things.”

Shelbyville Fit For Life is offering the community a chance to check out many fitness options free at a two-day Healthy Holiday Open House.

Events include “Desk-ercise” teaching easy movements to ease body strain from too much desk time. The class includes a take-home guide.

“Holiday Spa-liday” offers free spa treats for face, skin, hands and feet.

“Drums Alive” is a workout using drumsticks, exercise balls, tribal music and easy choreography.

There will be a Tai Chi demonstration by members of the fall class.

Massage and membership discounts will be offered both days of the open house. The standard $80 membership fee will be cut to $20.08 for new and gift memberships.

A “Meet Your Trainers” session offers a chance to ask the staff fitness and nutrition questions or make suggestions.

Tschauner said each trainer at Shelbyville Fit for Life is uniquely qualified in various areas of fitness and all are certified in the disciplines they employ. “We have about 70 different specialties,” she said. “We offer customized fitness.”

Licensed massage therapist Nancy Barnett offers several different types of massage at Shelbyville Fit for Life. Barnett is trained in Swedish massage, deep tissue and neuromuscular therapies, myosfascial release, hydrotherapy, pulsing and rebalancing, Jin  Shin Do (acupressure) and lymphatic drainage massage. Tschauner said there are clients who come in bent over in pain prior to a massage. “Afterwards their faces are different and their bodies move differently,” she said.

Tschauner, who has been in the business since 1985, holds a master’s degree in Sport Science and Fitness Management. She also is YMCA Personal Trainer and Strength Trainer certified as well as a National Trainer for the Arthritis Foundation and certified Tai Chi instructor. Tschauner said she has worked in many fields such as obesity treatment, group fitness and with senior citizens. “That is an area I really love,” she said.

Shelbyville Fit for Life offers an entirely free Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program every Tuesday at 5:15 p.m. Tschauner and William “Ron” Stewart both are certified trainers. Stewart has been a body builder since the 1960’s and has devoted his second career to personal training. “He’s dealing with arthritis of his own,” she said. The class includes chair, floor and standing exercises. “Exercise has been shown overwhelmingly as the best treatment,” Tschauner said.

Free November offerings for members include exercise ball classes, kickboxing and KidFit designed especially for the little ones.

Shelbyville Fit for Life employs six part-time trainers of diverse ages and backgrounds. Tschauner pointed out that two are in their 60s. “They are awesome role models,” she said. “A lifetime of fitness makes them act like they’re in their 30s.” One has rehabilitation training while the other has a strength training and power lifting background.

There is a track and cross-country athlete, one of the “founding mothers of aerobics” and a Jazzercise instructor on staff, but there also are a couple of trainers with maybe more in common with the typical guy or gal who wants to shave off some inches and feel better.

Cathy Cox-Murphy’s biography states that it was her personal 50-pound weight loss and reversal of diabetes and high blood pressure that created her passion for fitness.

Melinda Hardin wrote that she kicked a smoking habit and sugar cravings. Her experience led her to help others on their paths to wellness.

Every new member receives a full personal trainer session. Tschauner said because Shelbyville Fit for Life is a community-based business rather than a fitness franchise the trainers know the clients’ names and medical histories. “They’ll talk about goals, medical history and special problems,” Tschauner said, “and set up a program tailored for them.”

The equipment at the facility also is tailored to meet a wide range of exercisers’ needs. A treadmill with a 500-pound limit was purchased to accommodate heavier clients. “I am not going to tell someone they can’t use a treadmill when that’s why they’re here,” she said.

A Gyrotonic pulley workout machine offers what Tschauner refers to as circular toning. “The principle is that your body likes to move in circles and arcs,” she said. According to Wikipedia, Gyrotonic is an exercise system that employs movements found in swimming, yoga, gymnastics and Tai Chi. The system was designed to improve core strength, flexibility, balance, muscle strength and joint mobility. Tschauner said the system offers gentle movement exercise for all, but is an especially effective tool for people who find workouts difficult such as osteoporosis sufferers.

In fact, she said two clients who are amputees have been able to workout on the Gyrotonic with great success. “I am committed to having an accessible fitness center,” she said.

Shelbyville Fit for Life also is committed to family workouts. Tschauner said children ages six and older are welcome to join parents for workouts and appropriate exercise classes. “Children are not getting enough exercise in school or at  home,” she said. “When you exercise you think clearer and feel better.”

A keyless entry system allows patrons to exercise any time between 5 a.m. and 11 p.m. whether or not staff is on duty. “It has made an amazing difference,” Tschauner said. She said the system is perfect for people who can’t come during regular business hours or just don’t feel comfortable working out in front of others. A safety alert pendant is always within reach in case of problems, but so far there have been none to report.

The Holiday Open House is Friday, Nov. 14, from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. and Saturday, Nov. 15, from 9:30 a.m. until noon.

Visit their website for complete program information  at shelbyfitforlife.com or call (502) 647-7867. Shelby Fit For Life is located in the Hi-Point Business Center, 169 Alpine Drive, Shelbyville.

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