the shooting of lewis jennings

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    I  am origanally from Henry County,  and I happen to know the people who lost there son from the shooting.  It shocks me that a person can step outside the door to give himself up and get shot as many times as he did.   I'm sure the police had to do what they felt was best but come on .... to shoot a man as many times as lewis was shot is totally uncalled for, I can see shooting him once to get his attention but to kill him, well... I guess Henry County has a heck of a way of getting there name broadcasted,  I'm sorry but that was just plain poor jugement for the law enforcement! 

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RE: The Shooting of Lewis Jennings

I must agree that this situation was uncalled for. I can see shooting the man in an area of the body that would harm him, but to shoot him multiple times is inhumane. I have respect for our law enforcement to a certain degree. I was born and raised in Henry County and I've seen first-hand the ridiculous robo-cop methods that they sometimes use. There are many good people in our county that simply have problems. Their problems sometimes lead them to do things that they would not ordinarily do. These are desperate times. I am not saying that law enforcement should overlook any situation, but I am saying that they need to be taught to put themselves in the shoes of the criminal. There is always something or someone that makes a person tick. It could happen to anyone. There is not one person that resides in this county that is above doing something that they would not ordinarily do. The people in this county that thrive on others misery are shameful to say the least.