Simple Savings bulletins give homeowners the power to save

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By The Staff

Shelby Energy Cooperative offers “Simple Savings” information bulletins to educate homeowners about inexpensive steps to seal leaks that are commonplace in houses across Kentucky.

These bulletins show how easy it is for people to fix energy leaks at little expense and to avoid wasting money on their monthly heating and cooling bills.

John Davies, director for Kentucky’s Division of Energy Efficiency and Conservation, praised the Simple Savings bulletins.

“With increasing energy prices, Kentuckians are finding that energy efficiency is a great value,” Davies said. “The Simple Savings program is a proven, common-sense approach that can help homeowners increase the energy efficiency and comfort of their existing homes without having to secure a second mortgage. By following the easy to understand Simple Savings bulletins, homeowners can have peace of mind knowing that their homes are conserving on heating and cooling costs.”

Many homes in Kentucky and across the nation have duct systems that leak significant amounts of heating and cooling. But fixing duct leakage is typically a simple repair. Often, all that is required is to use a paintbrush to apply a substance called mastic to the duct seams.

Mastic is a glue containing fiber. It is a gray substance that has a consistency similar to jelly. Mastic can be purchased from companies that sell wholesale to heating and air conditioning contractors.

After it dries, mastic provides a permanent seal that stops leaks and pushes your heating and cooling where you want it to go. The Simple Savings bulletin provides an explanation with diagrams on how to do this simple job.

Other issues addressed by the Simple Savings bulletins include fixing the leaks that are common in attic hatches and attic pull-down stairs. There are also bulletins on everything from insulating an attic properly to sealing the leaks that often exist in basements, crawlspaces and attic knee walls. The copyrighted materials can be downloaded by going to the co-op web site at: www.shelbyenergy.com or visit your local cooperative office.

Members can also get tip cards on everything from insulation to sealing air leaks.

Shelby Energy serves more than 14,500 member consumers in Henry, Shelby, Trimble, and Carroll County and portions of Jefferson, Franklin, Oldham, Owen and Spencer Counties.