Six More Weeks

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By Brad Bowman

By Brad Bowman


With another round of winter weather, Henry County and the surrounding region saw totals Monday ranging from 3-8 inches of snow accumulation. At the time of press, Henry County is expected to have another bout of rain, freezing rain and possible snow hit the area Tuesday night.

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet spokeswoman for District 5, Andrea Clifford said rain negates most preparatory work crews can do.

“We have received part of an order for 21,000 more tons of salt and the rest is on its way,” said Clifford. “Henry County kind of lucked out this time with Trimble as they are usually our higher accumulation areas. We are expecting rain first then freezing rain so putting brine on the road wouldn’t do much it good. The rain would just washed it away.”

The salt residue left from what crews laid down Sunday night may keep ice from sticking to road surfaces, Clifford said.

“We have seven trucks that plow for snow and ice. Two of those are contract trucks,” Clifford said. “We do 492 lane miles in Henry County, not counting the interstate.

For the 2013-2014 winter, the KYTC maintenance crew in Henry County has used 2,100 tons of salt and 12,305 gallons of calcium chloride through January 31, 2014.  For the snow event that started Sunday afternoon, the crew used 200 tons of salt and 800 gallons of calcium chloride.  Bringing totals to 2,300 tons of salt and 13,105 gallons of calcium chloride used so far.

Henry County Road Department Director Glenn Baxter said the county road crew used 50-60 tons of cinder/salt mix Monday morning on 200 miles of county roads.