Something old is something new

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By Jonna Spelbring Priester

As you flip through the pages of your Local today, you might notice a few things that are, well, different.

The first is immediately opposite of this page — Local Buzz.

The Local staff decided a few months ago that our community calender, or bulletin board, could use a change.

We wanted to add a few things and remove a couple things, and present them in a more eye catching way.

Cindy DiFazio and Tawnja Morris came up with the name —Local Buzz, and the rest is history.

We’ve added government meetings to the list, something we didn’t include before. Want to know when that city council or school board meeting is? Just check under government meetings.

But that’s not the only feature that’s changing.

Several years ago, the Local ran themed pages that rotated on a weekly basis, and those are returning in a revamped form.
So now, you’ll find pages dedicated to history, faith, business and health.

This week, it’s history. We’ve asked folks with local connections to write columns for us, the pages will feature stories on local topics, and we’re simply beyond excited to show you the results.

In the coming weeks, we hope to revamp our records page a bit, and offer more information on what some of our local agencies are doing through ambulance and fire department run lists.

If there’s one thing no newspaper editor takes lightly, it’s changes to TV listings. But that change is coming.

We know the TV pages serve as a valuable resource for many readers, particularly those of you without cable television — and I count myself among that group.

As most cable and satellite subscribers have access to a TV guide channel, we are going to shorten our TV grids to include only those stations that can be picked up through digital rabbit ears.

Starting March 2, the TV pages will be condensed to one page, and will only include information about the non-cable channels.

The crossword puzzle will remain on that page, but we’ll be moving the Sudoku puzzle.

Finally, on our School News page this week, you’ll see something new.
Each week, we will present to you Students of the Week. Through the course of one month, we’ll have two students a week, enough to have a student from each school once a month. The schools will run in alphabetical order, with Campbellsburg and Eastern Elementary this week, New Castle and Eminence Elementary next, followed by the middle schools, and finally the high schools.

These are a bit different from the students of the month submitted by the schools.

With Students of the Week, we ask the principal of each school to pick one student at random for a quick Q&A and a photo.

I look forward to hearing from you about these changes, and suggestions for more.