Sports "staff" needs all the help it can get

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By Greg Woods

The Henry County Local sports “department” is about to be overwhelmed by the fall sports season. The “staff” is going into its third year of covering the local high school teams and it is still daunting to said “staff” to think of all the games of the 10 or so sports teams that the “staff” has to cover.

The “staff’s” policy has been to go to all home contests played by EHS and HCHS to get pictures and capture the essence of the game. However, when the “staff” held its annual scheduling meeting the other day it was overwhelmed by the fact that all the teams except football and cross country like to play games on Tuesday and Thursday with a smattering of Monday, Wednesday and Saturday contests scattered in.

The staff also has a policy of talking to the coaches of the respective teams to get the scoop on the away games. That is how “we” do it around here and it works pretty well in covering the high school sports scene.

However, that leaves out middle school and youth league coverage entirely and that has been the biggest complaint our “department” has received over the past couple of years.

That is why I, as head (and tail) of the sports “staff,” would like to ask for your help with submissions about sports that are happening outside of the high school level.

Our policy has been the same for years at the Henry County Local. If you send it in, we will try our best to find room for it. If we can’t get it in the week it is sent, then we will get it in another issue.

Coaches, parents, grandparents and older siblings are all invited to send in details of any contest taking place involving Henry County residents. You don’t have to be a great writer. Just send in the pertinent details and our crack “staff” will take care of the rest.

Pertinent details include things like the score of the game, the opponents, who scored and what the team’s record is.

You can send it by email, or phone it in or drop it by the office. If you have a photo or two, we will try to include them as space permits as long as the players in the photo are recognizable as human beings.

We have had several reliable sources over the years. Jeanie Campbell, who covers the Henry County Sharpshooters, is so good that she merits special mention. Most of the regular submitters, including Jeanie, have no interest in being acknowledged. They just want to see the youth of the community get their due for all the time and hard work they put into their respective sports.

Sometimes the people who submit things are very busy and I get a picture and some details but not all that we need to flesh out the story. In that case we will call the submitter and try to get “the rest of the story’”

Submissions can be emailed to sports@hclocal.com, or phoned into 845-2858 or dropped by our office at 18 South Penn Avenue in Eminence just two doors down from the venerable Chat ‘N’ Nibble Restaurant.