Standing out against fairness ordinance

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Standing out against fairness ordinance

I want to thank Shawn Golden for vocally opposing the Fairness Ordinance as well as taking a stand for Christianity. I want to encourage all Christians to do what is right and fight for our families. Research for yourself the Fairness Ordinance of Kentucky and take a look at what it has done to other Christian businesses in our state. Anyone who is not familiar with this topic should visit http://www.kentucky.com/2012/11/26/2421990/city-rules-hands-on-originals...

See what happened to this company.

I believe we all should be treated equally when it comes to earning an income and providing for our families. However, when my rights and beliefs are compromised, I find no “fairness” in that. Take that Lexington T-shirt company for example. They were sued for refusing to print pro-homosexual material. They stood for what they believed and were punished. Again, where is the “fairness” in that?

We’ve seen churches get sued for refusing to marry same sex couples. The popular dating website e-Harmony.com was forced to pay a total of $55,000 and give free memberships to 10,000 gay applicants. Where was the “fairness” in that? A Timber Creek Bed and Breakfast was sued for not hosting a homosexual civil union ceremony at a privately owned business. Tell me, where was the fairness in that? As recent as Phil Robertson attacked for his personal beliefs in regards to homosexuality. What was fair about being removed from A&E? Who protected his right for what he believed in?

I fear our local churches and businesses will be affected by this fairness ordinance if passed. Who is going to protect them? Comparing the Civil Rights Act passed years ago to civil rights for homosexuals is absurd. It was about treating men and women fairly — not men and men or women and women. You can not compare apples to oranges. I understand times are changing. But with change, it is not always good. Look at our schools since prayer and reading of scripture along with the Ten Commandments were removed. I’m ready for good change, not change that destroys the family unit that is natural.

Our country and government has been there to protect families and family values with boundaries to keep us safe and healthy. However, I’m losing more and more respect toward our government. But I continue to pray that our boundaries will be protected.

Come on Christians, this is the time to speak up. Our rights are just as important and I’m willing to take a stand. Yes, God loves us all, but not all of us will see the Kingdom of Heaven. Will you?

Cricket Callis

New Castle