Stillwater Lake finishes season

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By Tommie Kendall

Stillwater Lake hosted the final water ski competition of the season in Eminence Sunday, Aug. 31. Stillwater opened the statewide water skiing competitions June 14 with a slalom-only event, hosted the Kentucky State Water Ski Championships July 12-13 with all three events — slalom, tricks and jumps — and finished off with another slalom-only event Aug. 31. It attracted some of the top slalom competitors in the area, including Stillwater owner and state record-holder Leon Leonard.

In slalom, individuals perform on one ski, attempting to negotiate around the outside of six buoys in a zigzag course without falling or missing a buoy in consecutive passes. The athletes receive one point for every buoy that he or she successfully rounds. Competitors start out at a certain speed, and if they clear all buoys then the speed increased on each pass until the maximum speed is reached. Then, the rope shortens each pass until the athlete fails to clear all buoys.

For more information about Stillwater Lake, or to find out how to get involved in competitive water skiing for next season, contact Leonard at (502)845-2850.