Story was not ‘news’

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By The Staff

I could not believe it when I flipped the Henry County Local paper over and read the bold headline about the unfortunate death of a local businessman and friend.

Was it really necessary to print, in bold letters, those words, that may have been true, but still hurtful to family and loved ones? There would have been nothing wrong with writing an article about his death, but there are other ways that you could have worded it. Then, after reading the article, I was horrified to read what was stated about the arson case. These details were not appropriate to be written about in an article about his death, especially a day after his parents buried him. The paper didn’t even include some of these details in the original article about the arson.

I do not feel that this is “news;” everyone is aware of the circumstances. It seems to me that instead of news,” this was just a way to hurt family and friends that have already gone through enough.

If you feel that this is your way of reporting news and selling your paper, then you need to go to work somewhere where people don’t care about each other. This is a small county and this family has been in business in the town of Eminence for years. I believe, as well as the community, that they deserve some respect, no matter what.

Bridget Jeffries

New Castle