Students of the Week for Sept. 19

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Daniel Brown

Daniel is a first grade student at Eminence Elementary School.
Favorite subject?
Science. We went to the Science center in Louisville and got to put ourselves in a bubble it was really cool.
Do you have pets?
4 dogs, Holly, Buddy, Stinky, and Mattie. 1 goat named Shadow, 2 cats Clarence and Shady. We also have goldfish, guppies and two algae eaters.
What’s your favorite music?
I have a drum set that I like to play that is just sticks and it comes through the radio. I love the song Ten Commandment Boogie.
Favorite thing to do?
Go fishing. I have fishing poles. I have only been once but we caught blue gill.
When I grow up...
I want to be a scientist and make stuff for kids to play with like Alien Goo. You blow it up in straw and there is an alien inside.

Coby Wilson

Coby Wilson is 3rd grader at New Castle Elementary.
Favorite subject?
Math. It is cool to learn new problems and have fun while you are learning. We are learning regrouping and division right now it’s cool. Math centers around everything.
Do you have pets?
I have one dog named Tank. He is part Blue Heeler, Chihuahua and Jack Russell. I also have two catfish and two sucker fish.
When I grow up...
I want to be a police officer so I can help people in the country and the state.

Where do you want to travel?
I want to go to King’s Island. My friends have talked about a really fun ride I think that is called The Spinner.

Favorite music?
I listen to rock, pop, and kid’s bop all