Sunday WIne Sales

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County government is proposing Sunday wine sales. What do you think?

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I think they should be able

I think they should be able to buy wine on Sunday. Unsure why they have a restrictions on this. This is old school and has to change here.

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I don't see how restricting

I don't see how restricting wine sales on Sunday is going to change anyone's drinking habits. I, for one, plan ahead, or drive to LaGrange. The only thing banning wine sales hurts is the income of Henry County businesses. If I spend my money in Jefferson or Oldham Counties, I don't spend it in Henry County.

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I also think it's a good

I also think it's a good idea, after all, Sunday is a free day for must of us and on a free day some may want to have a glass of wine. I usually buy wine from local resources through free classified ads, let's see how things will change from now on.

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Sunday wine sales

Sure, why not?

I won't be buying any for reasons of my own, but that ought not restrict others from doing so.

There'll be some that will object for religious reasons. Okay great, they probably shouldn't buy any either, but again their opinions ought not restrict others.