Support LeeAnn Armstrong

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By The Staff

I would like to thank everyone who called my house this summer and asked me to run for city council.

I did not want to be in this mess. I wanted nothing to do with it. But for some unknown reason, I have been targeted by some candidates. I have been called “poor white trash.” Well I am poor, I am white but I never thought of myself as trash.

Some of my friends have been called on the phone and intimidated or they tried to intimidate them. They were unsuccessful. Friends are a blessing and I do have wonderful friends.

People, including myself have been threatened with a civil law suit. But who in Eminence hasn’t been threatened with one in the last six months, including the City of Eminence?

I would like to tell people things don’t have to be done this way. Intimidation is not the way to get anything done.

If you work hard on doing what is right you will win. Finally, I would like to ask my friends to support LeeAnn Armstrong in this election. She is a good person, wife and mother. Please help good win out in the end.

Thanks again to all my friends who have stood beside me and some who have stood in front of me.

Helen Moore