Support Pauline “Polly” Troxell

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By The Staff

I am writing today in support of Polly Troxell for Eminence City Council. I do not live in the City of Eminence therefore I cannot cast a vote for Polly on November 4. However, I do work with Polly on a daily basis at the Henry County Senior Enrichment Center. Polly devotes numerous volunteer hours to the Senior Center and to the senior citizens of Eminence and Henry County. She cares about people and about doing the right thing. If elected she would serve the city of Eminence very well. Polly is dedicated to helping people in any way that she can. Therefore, I think the dedication she shows in her life will help the City of Eminence prosper in the future. If you are uncertain of who to vote for on Tuesday, I urge you to cast a vote for Polly and for the city of Eminence.

Cindy Bohannon

Senior Enrichment Center Director