Take 5 with Sue Frazier

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By Brad Bowman

Basic bio

Henry County Native

20+ years at Campbellsburg Elementary

2 sons Josh and Owen

Why did you come to Campbellsburg Elementary to work?

I came here when both of my sons started here. I worked in Ms. Hart’s classroom. I would help her when she needed it with the students. I would take them outside for recess and watch over them. I like everybody I work with. I can’t stand not to do something. Before Campbellsburg, I helped take care of Scott McCarty for his mom. I help do everything in the kitchen: washing dishes, cooking breakfast and lunch and serving. It’s fun if I was at home I would be bored.

What do you do for fun?

I like find and seek puzzles. I go to Campbellsburg Baptist Church. I like going to see my brother and my grandkids. I like crafts. I make potholders and things with coat hangers. I could never catch on to crocheting. I couldn’t get the hang of it. I like John Wayne movies and westerns. I take my dog, it’s a Daschund mix, for a walk. Her name is Princess. I watch game shows and I like Dancing with The Stars. I like to dance. My husband and I met at a dancehall in Carrollton. I will dance to anything. I like slow dance or fast dance. I’ve been known to grab people and just start dancing. We had a retirement party and I accidentally danced into the chairs.

How long will keep working at Campbellsburg Elementary?

As long as my pretty knee will allow me. I had to have replacement surgery and it seemed like I was gone for almost a year. It wasn’t that long but it felt like it. The kids come by and hug me and I would miss that for sure. I missed that when I had the surgery.

What else would you have done with your life?

I like Campbellsburg it’s a quiet, peaceful town. I came from Eminence and I just found out I lived on a farm just outside of Campbellsburg on 421 near New Castle. I can’t afford to live anywhere else. It ‘s where my family and friends are and where my husband Owen Frazier is buried. If I was to do something else, I would’ve liked to help mentally disabled kids here in Campbellsburg.

How would you describe yourself to someone else?

I’m not too tall. I’m not too short, but I’m loveable. I’m kind and I’m funny. I’m thankful for all the cooks like Ida Thompson, Donna Berry, Sue Barnes, Donna Paris and the people I worked with before: Frankie Robinson and Robin Wilson.