Take these actions to keep thrips out of your soybeans

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By Levi Berg

Henry County Extension Service

I will say that at least planting is finished, but now the fun aspect of monitoring your soybean crops for insects and weeds begins.
One insect that has been found in fields so far are thrips. Thrips are tiny, slender insects (less than one-sixteenth inch long) with characteristic fringed or bristled wings.
Thrips can be an extreme problem because thrips scrape the epidermis of the soybean leaf and then suck the plants fluids.
This action can significantly stunt plant growth and seed development. Damaged leaves will have a silver coloration and after close inspection, black spots can be found on leaves.
Thrips can cause a lot of damage in soybean fields, but scouting and monitoring should be the first thing to do. In many cases, a 10-times handheld magnification lens or a 10-times headband magnification visor is needed to find and properly identify the tiny insects.
Even though thrips have been found, it doesn’t mean insecticides should be the mode of action. Insecticides should only be used when plants are under drought stress, 75 percent of leaflets examined are damaged, and the average number of thrips per trifoliate leaf is greater than eight.
If your soybeans have all three conditions, insecticides can help.
Insecticides with active ingredients such as acephate, lambda cyhalothrin, and cypermethrin have been known to be affective thrip control.
Thrips can be a problem in soybeans, but remember scouting is key.
Know exactly how your soybeans are doing before spraying.
Information was obtained from Raul Villanueve, University of Kentucky Extension Entomologist.

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