Taxes, taxes, taxes

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By The Staff

In last week’s Local, there were four articles notifying the public about tax increases from the City of Eminence, Henry County Public Schools, Eminence Independent Schools and the Henry County Public Library. It seems like every year, they vote for a tax hike. With a bad economy, people losing their jobs, the cost of living increasing, many people won’t get a raise in salary this year and all of the hard times many people are experiencing, I get upset every time I see the words tax increase.

If you are fortunate enough to be financially secure this might not bother you, but for some it is a very hard time. I am a senior citizen on a fixed income. I have cut my expenses every way I can think of, and I am not embarrassed to say I have a tough time making it. When I worked and the economy was better, I paid all the taxes that came my way and didn’t complain.

Times have changed. Take a minute to think of all the ways we are taxed. Every utility bill has local and state taxes on it. Everything you buy, with the exception of food, is taxed. Think how much everything has increased. I hate to see winter come because this means I will struggle to pay my heating bill to LG&E as many of us will.

Has the City of Eminence, the schools and the Library done their best to cut costs and be more efficient? I have never submitted a comment on anything to the Local before, and though I know my views won’t make a difference, at least I have expressed how I feel.

I can’t be the only person upset over the tax increases every year. I ask the public to speak up and attend the meetings and hold the officials accountable for the spending of our money.

At some point, we as individuals have to become active in our communities and ask questions of these people when they are out campaigning for our votes. Please speak up and let our local government know how you feel.


Pat Case