Thank you for Eminence Day

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There are so many to say thank you for the awesome day we had. There is no way we can begin to thank everyone personally for fear of missing out on some. Those that participated in the parade, what a great way to start Eminence Day. Everyone loves a parade. Thank you so much! Our Eminence and neighboring fire departments. Eminence Police officers that helped out so much! CW4 Rob Pettit for being our Grand Marshall. The local bands, the DJ, those three beautiful young ladies Missy, Anna and Samantha Thompson that put on  Lil Mr. & Miss Eminence 2012. Our maintenance guys, for set up.  The ladies at City Hall. Mary Scriber for doing our booths, Margaret Beaumont for placing our ads. Glenn Simpson for the music, and helping throughout the day, Scribers and Prewitts for the use of the tents. Hometown Pizza what a great event they put on, a huge hit with everyone! Henry County Sheriff Department for the children’s ID. Vendors, you are wonderful, you make Eminence Day happen! The school clubs and classes for keeping it clean all day! Mostly to the visitors if it was your first or that of many. The Eminence Festival Board and comittee members work hard all year to provide an even better experience then the last. We hope you enjoyed yourself. Come again Next Year! Again, thank you.

The Eminence Festival

Board and Committee member