Thank you for FFA support

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I would like to thank each of the 373 people who made the voluntary donation to the ag tag program in 2013.  I know that it is not something that you have to do and the Henry County FFA appreciates it very much!

The $10 contributions are split equally between FFA, 4-H and Kentucky Proud.  The FFA portion is split evenly between the Kentucky FFA Foundation and the local chapter.  This year the KY FFA Foundation and the our FFA chapter each received $630.91 from Henry County donations.  The FFA Foundation uses these funds for many programs, such as Ag Achiever Grants, Regional Banquet Contributions and State Officer Travel.  I regret not keeping a tally over the years, but in the six years I have been here we have probably received about $5,000 from the Ag Acheiver grant which has helped fund an AI class for students, purchase a tiller students can use for their SAEs, purchase two small glass door refrigerators that students can use to market eggs in, and purchase supplies for our electrical unit.   As a region we have been able to purchase awards for our outstanding students at regional banquet without charging the students. And each year we have had a state FFA officer visit, at no cost to us, to speak at banquet or do leadership workshops with my classes. 

Our chapter had 18 students purchase FFA jackets and ties this semester and 13 of those students applied for a grant for $30 off their purchase (making the cost $39) , allowing many more students than usual the opportunity to wear the Blue and Gold.  Many of these same students will get to be among the 50,000 students in Louisville for National FFA Convention at the end of the month- all proudly wearing their jackets.  $100 of the grant was covered by the KY FFA Foundation and we will cover the remaining $290 with our Ag Tag funds.  The remaining Ag Tag funds will be used for a bus and sub for our regional competition in March so that the students who are competing are able to do so at no cost.

So thank you Henry County for your generous donations!  As you renew your tag next year please keep us in mind!  The FFA, 4-H and Kentucky Proud programs each a great asset to Henry County and the future of agriculture.

Lindsey Cottrell Davie

Henry County Ag Teacher and FFA Advisor