Thanks to all for help in making pool vote possible

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By The Staff

A special thanks goes to the Eminence City Council for their Jan. 14, unanimous vote, to reopen the swimming pool. They also created a pool commission to oversee the repairs and operation.

Also, special thanks goes to the parents of the children of Eminence and Henry County for signing petitions (more than 700 signatures), for attending three Making Waves meetings (average attendance 50), numerous phone calls and letters and volunteering for fundraisers. This exceptional community support has made all the difference to the city council.

The repairs have begun and contractor bids will be opened Feb. 9. Making Waves along with the city have opened an account for fundraising donations. Please call (502) 321-7643 for donations and upcoming community fundraising information. If you have a group or church that would like to help in our fundraising, let us know. If you would like a monthly detailed update on the repairs and progress being made e-mail your request to MLee1189@aol.com or call (502) 321-7643 and we will mail your update to you.

There's a new "can do" spirit in this community, come be a part of it with us! If we don't stand up for our children, our children don't count!

Manda Gingrich, Eminence