Thanks to all who participated in Relay for Life 2008

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By The Staff

Although Relay 2008 was cut short by stormy weather on June 27, it didn’t come to a screeching halt. On Saturday evening, July 19 more than 60 people including team members, team captains, survivors and Relay supporters met at the Henry County Fairgrounds for a special three hour Relay Finale ending with a moving Luminary Ceremony.

Henry County is a loving county and generous county, a county we can all be proud to call home. In the past six months, this small community with a population slightly over 15,000 has reached deep into its pockets to support many worthy causes: benefits for families struck by cancer, Crusade for Children, Church Capital Campaigns, Henry County School projectsee..and you have reached even deeper into your pockets to support Henry County Relay For Life. Because of your generosity and your faithful support, we are making a difference in the lives of those struck by cancer.

Thanks to all who supported Relay 2008 and to those who attended the Finale. Henry County Relay For Life 2008 would not have been a success had it not been for the leaders who channeled their time and energy into fundraising for this very worthy cause. These Team Captains deserve special recognition and thanks:

Baptist Hospital Northeast – Angela DeBurger

Barb’s Buds – Amy Jameson

Browning’s – Wanda Browning/Noel Franz

Campbellsburg Baptist Church – Micah Horn

Campbellsburg Christian Church – Elizabeth Blevins

Cancer Crushers – Regina Heightchew

Cook’s Pharmacy – George McDannold

Dairy Queen – Jason Simpson

Drennon Christian Church – Tammy Bibelhauser

Dr. Mark Hines – Michelle Stewart

Farmers Deposit Bank – Traci Curry

Franklinton Baptist Church – Tara Peyton

Henry Christian Church Adults – Cindi Davidson

Henry Christian Church Youth – Eunice Metcalf

Henry County EMS – Scott McClammroch

Henry County Government – Mary Scriber

Henry County Local – Tawnja Morris

Henry County Scrappers – Jacklyn White/Olivia Dills

Homestead Nursing Center – Stephanie Bennett

Lockport Baptist – Kathy Wilson

Lockport Methodist – Sue Bruce

National Honor Society – Cameran Smith/Cheryl Taylor

New Castle Baptist Church – Sue Banta/Janet Crow

New Castle Christian Church – Kathy Mings

New Castle Elementary – Lucia Hughes

New Castle Fire Department – Denise Hansen

New Castle Methodist Church – Kathy Singleton/Jessica Powell

New Direction in Life – Barbara Shedd

Orville Baptist Church – Robbie O’Brien

PBI Bank – Tami Payton

Pleasureville Baptist Church – Linda Payton

Pleasureville Christian Church – Libby McMannis

Port Royal – Robin Barmore

Providence Baptist Church – Jeanine Sutherland

St. John’s Catholic Church – Joanne Ashby

Tri-County Fellowship – Tara Hawkins

United Citizens Bank –Cathy Lawrence

Thank you, team captains, for your hard work, and thank you, Henry County, for continuing to support the fight against cancer.

Diana Y. Berry

Team Recruiter