Thanks for help putting on Eminence Day

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By The Staff

It takes months to plan Eminence Day! A handful of dedicated people are working to provide a memorable experience for all of those that are looking for some fun. People like Sandi Hayden, Shelley Summerlin, Tomi Scriber, Brian Golden and Glenn Simpson, along with the festival board. As it gets closer for the City of Eminence, the employees kick into high gear, trying to meet all the requests needed along with their daily responsibilities. Let’s not forget how the businesses come together to make sure that the visitors have a good time. Finally, Eminence Day arrives and the booths are constructed very early, some the night before. Everyone moves quickly before the parade starts.  At the end of town there are hundreds trying to find their spot, parents dropping off children to climb on the float, veterans, beauty pageant winners, horses and buggies, politicians, cheerleaders, football players and Buddy Berry in the center of town ready to announce the parade participants, all with the same goal in mind: to see a great parade, People lined up along the streets hoping to see someone they know, or something they have never seen. The children are looking out for all the candy they can stuff into their pockets. This year Rick Van Hoose WLKY 32 was the Grand Marshall. It was a hit! There were over 70 booths, something for everyone. The music began at noon and continued until 11 p.m. The temperature was perfect, we had clean up crews throughout the day, staff in orange shirts, an information booth that Polly Troxell and Mary Scriber stayed at for the whole day. I looked around Saturday night! I saw a wave of people by the stage hugging, talking, dancing, laughing and I thought to myself this is why we do it! Eminence High School students volunteered to help with the clean up the next morning. I think it was a good day. I hope that everyone had a good time. There are so many people that worked very hard Eminence Day. Thank you to all those that worked and visited our town Saturday.

Lee Ann Armstrong

Eminence City Council