Thanks for help with Senior Project

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By The Staff

I wanted my senior project to mean something. I wanted it to somehow help the community, but I also wanted it to be different. I knew I wanted two things to come out of my project. That was to raise money for juvenile diabetes and to have the Kentucky State University Phi Beta Sigma to perform at our school. I also wanted to feed the volunteers that helped me with my project. I mailed out letters to the surrounding businesses asking for donations for a silent auction or to help feed the volunteers. I made flyers and put them up at different locations. I asked the Henry County Local to put the event in the community section to advertise. There was a table with free testing kits and information. It was great how this community gave.

My goal was to raise $500 for the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. With the help of this community and others, the benefit raised more than $700. The step team from Phi Beta Sigma at KSU was cool. They taught some steps to the audience. Drane Stephens from Cook's Pharmacy, thank you for providing the information needed to the audience. Kim Goodloe, my mentor, man, it's cool having someone to go to. I would like to thank everyone so much that had anything to do with helping make this a success; I had a lot of support, I wish I could name all of those that helped but I'm afraid I would miss someone. So I would like to say a big thank you. I would like to mention one person - Mitchell Golden. I admire you and the others that go through this everyday. Hopefully, there will be a cure someday and this disease will be no more.

Sydney Armstorong,