Thanks for the memories

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By The Staff

I just wanted to comment on the touching story I “got” to read and enjoy about Ben Coomes and the return of his wife’s class ring from Eminence High School, circa 1962 — go Warriors (Class of 1986), loud and proud!

I was “home” to go cruising for the first time in 25 years and was amazed at all the hoopla about us old “nostalgic folk coming home, so when I was told “we” made the front page of the Local, I had to see it with my own eyes. It felt like being in the twilight zone. What is the big deal about cruising? This was our town.

I got to encounter a personal story about a friend’s (fellow band mate) father, and it touched me so deep I cried.

Thank you for the best nostalgia I could get for 75-cents.

The rest of my memories from here were free!

Thank you for still being the Eminence “we” remember and love. Welcome home my friends.

Valeria Gordon