Thanks to the Smithfield Garden Club

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By The Staff

I want to thank the Smithfield Garden Club for the hard work they expend in keeping the beautiful pots of flowers maintained at the four-way stop in Smithfield. Someone from this group comes faithfully each day with jugs of water to keep the flowers looking their best. Also, this group of ladies maintains pots of flowers at the cemetery and they too, have to be watered almost daily.

The Garden Club has planted trees at the cemetery after past storms devastated trees there. They work hard to make a sometimes dreary surrounding into something better. So the next time you pass through out little town, look around. And when you stop at the stop light, look at those pretty pots of flowers- they will brighten your day.

Thank you ladies for all you do. Your efforts don’t go unnoticed by some folks even if we don’t always tell you so.

Ruth Clark