Thanks for support over the years

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After 25 years Mary and I have decided to close the retail operation of Barnett Lumber Company the end of the month. Along with Craig we will continue to operate the construction side of Barnett Lumber. We will continue to build new homes, churches, etc., including selling and installing kitchen cabinets.  I plan on slowing down and will be “Craig’s helper” with him taking the lead.

There are so many in our community I need to thank for the last 25 years. I must begin with Bill Covington for having the confidence in us to loan us the money to purchase the business in 1986. As I later told Bill, “I knew a little about building materials, I just didn’t realize how little.”

I also want to thank Keith Perry and Tammy Pryor at United Citizens for helping us with our banking needs the last several years. They have been there for us when we needed to finance a construction project.

I must thank our employees over the years. Buzz Grigsby, Cathy Doll, and Larry Evans who “came with” the business. We could have not operated it without them. Larry worked here for thirty seven years until his retirement last year. He knows  more about the business than I will ever know. I miss having my morning cup of coffee with him and solving all the world’s problems.

I want to thank the high school and college boys who worked here after school, Saturdays, and during the summer. Some like Bennett Moore and Matt Mings stayed several years. They kept us young and I hope we  imparted some wisdom along the way. Most important we had fun working hard.

Thanks to all of our customers over the years. I don’t know how many houses we furnished materials for over the last twenty five years. A file cabinet does not hold all the kitchen projects. And there are the 30-40 houses along with four churches we built the last several years. We will continue building new homes.

This community embraced our family twenty five years ago. You have supported  me as a school board member for twenty years. My retirement will allow me to devote more time to our schools, our church, our grand kids, my 1971 MGB restoration project, and be “Craig’s helper.”  Thanks for your support over the years,

Harold and Mary Bratton