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Jason Scriber

By Jaxon Scriber

Do you have land? A part of a PVA’s job is to value it. The bigger the land the bigger the value.

Another part of a PVA’s job is to produce revenue for most local services .These services are paid for by taxes.

If this job didn’t exist there would be a lack of  funding for local services such as schools. If it didn’t exist our schools wouldn’t be as good as they are right now.

There are a few problems facing this job. One is the lack of funding for PVAs across the state.

Funding is putting money towards something. One way we could fix this problem is to put a donation jar in the office. Another problem I think is wrong is people not thinking how important PVAs are. We should change that because a lot of our services wouldn’t exist if this job didn’t exist . Like schools would not be as good as they are right now because they would not be getting the funding they are right now.

To be a PVA you have to be educated. One piece of education you need is a high school diploma.

In conclusion Mr. Scriber helps the community by producing revenue for most local services like schools, grocery stores, and more.

Here are some other facts you should know. A PVA also maintains a mapping system of the county. There are 120 PVAs in Kentucky. Mr. Scriber has been president of the Kentucky PVA association. The reason you should know this is PVAs just make you pay taxes but they do a lot more than that like helping local services like grocery stores be better by producing funding.

Mr. Scriber’s job is important because without him our whole community would not be this good.

I didn’t know much about his job but I learned a lot on career day.

This is why I think my dad’s job is awesome.

Bill Brammell, city attorney

By Elijah Cook

If we made a mistake and had no one to go to to see if it’s legal what would you do? We won’t have to because we have someone in town William Brammell the city attorney. He is very important  because he helps people write the laws and represents the court. He even helps some services like the policeman, mayor, and the city clerk. He pays for the services when the city pays him from taxes. You have to solve a lot of problems during this job. He helps a lot of citizens. Do you know how many  years of school you have to go to so you can do these things? You have to go to 19 years of school. 12 years of regular school 4 years of college and three years of laws school. He helps the community by answering questions and being involved with things. This job helps the community by keeping us safe.