Thoughts on pasture appraisal and recovery

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After some record weather (droughts, hot months, cold months, wet months) over the past two or three years, what can we expect from our pasture and hay fields this year?  Did we lose desired grasses and legumes?  Can we expect increased weed pressure?

These and other questions concerning our forage programs will be addressed and discussed at an Extension Forage meeting at 10 a.m., Wednesday, Feb. 2, at the Shelby County Extension Office.  Drs. Ray Smith and Bill Witt will be on hand to give answers based on research and years of experience in the field. The program should end near noon, with the potential of a sponsored lunch.  Please contact us at the Henry County Extension Office (845-2811) to let us know your intentions to attend.

Cattle tips
While we are in the throes of winter, it is not too early to begin plans and strategies for a good spring calving season.  Start cows on the high magnesium mineral supplement soon.  If cows are thin, begin energy (grain) supplementation now.

Get ready for calving season!  See that all equipment and materials are ready, including obstetrical equipment, record forms or booklets, eartags, and scales.  Consider vaccinating the cows to help prevent calf scours.
Plan your breeding program and locate herd sire(s) which will allow you to meet your goals and be willing to pay for superior animals. 
Produce, anyone?

If you are interested in learning about fruit and vegetable production and marketing, please mark your calendars for Tuesday, Feb. 15.  A real nice line-up of specialists and experts will be on hand at Capstone Produce Market in Campbellsburg that day.  Tune in to future columns for specific times, speakers, and topics, or contact the Extension Office at 845-2811.
Master Cattleman — don’t forget!
The first session of the Master Cattleman program will be at 5:30 p.m., Thursday, Jan. 20, at the Shelby County Extension Office.  This is a great learning and networking opportunity for both new and experienced cattle producers.  Contact us at 845-2811 to sign up.
KCA, Burley Growers, and Horse Council

Cattlemen, tobacco growers and equine enthusiasts are reminded of the joint Trade Show this Friday, Jan. 14, at the Lexington Convention Center.  And don’t forget the forage session this Friday afternoon as part of the Cattleman’s Association Convention.