Thousands without power, water district operating normally

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By The Staff

Thousands of Henry County residents remain without power today after a winter storm dumped several inches of snow, sleet and freezing rain beginning Monday night.

Primary roads in Henry County were passable, though drivers are urged to be cautious.

Residents in Pleasureville found themselves not just without power this morning, but without water as well. According to Henry County Water District No. 2 Superintendant Barry Woodsd, the station went down because of a lack of power. That station is up and running again.

Woods said there is no need for residents to boil water, and that the district is in full operation.

“Under the circumstances, with the power outages, we’re in good shape,” he said.

Some residents might experience a temporary outage, as some district employees have to manually turn some pumps on and off. But most of the district’s pumping stations are running.

The district’s treatment plant was down Wednesday, 

Woods said the district is in better shape today than it was following the damage that followed the remnants of Hurricane Ike in September.

Residents who experience an outage are asked to call the district with their address so the problem can be addressed. Those residents who don’t have heat and will be leaving their homes are asked to turn their water off. If staying home, let the water drip a bit.

“Right now, we’re about the best shape we could in,” he said. “Everything’s back up so far, as long as the (power) stays on.”

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