Transportation Cabinet offering license with ‘veteran' designation

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The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has received reports from numerous circuit court clerk offices of misunderstanding about how veterans can obtain a driver’s license imprinted with the newly authorized “Veteran” designation, which became available on Monday, Sept. 24.

Kentucky veterans who wish to have the designation must present form DD214 – the Department of Defense form that verifies service – at the office of the circuit court clerk when renewing licenses.

Important points:

• The licenses are not free. A veteran will pay the usual $20 renewal fee.

• However, veterans who renewed licenses between July 12, when the law authorizing the veteran designation became effective, and Sept. 24, when the designation became available, can obtain a replacement without paying the standard $12 fee for a duplicate license. The fee for duplicate is waived for those veterans – and those veterans only. The waiver expires Dec. 31, 2012.

• Veterans who have not yet renewed can request the veteran designation at license renewal time. The renewal fee is $20.

• Veterans who have not yet renewed, and who wish to obtain a license with the Veteran designation before their renewal date, may do so but must pay the $12 fee of a duplicate license.

In all cases, veterans must present form DD214 at the circuit court clerk’s office to obtain a license with the veteran designation.