Trash the butts

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It isn’t trash! Or is it? Would you throw that cigarette butt on your living room floor, on your kitchen floor? Of course not! You’d be sure it wasn’t burning, and you’d put it in the trash. After all, a cigarette butt is trash, isn’t it? Look at our streets and roadsides. Cigarette butts, tossed carelessly, line our curbs, parking lots and roadsides.

Statistics show that “different groups have done different studies and their results differ, with some people saying cigarettes decompose in a year, some saying it takes twelve years, and others saying they never decompose at all (the filters are made of a type of acetate that never fully breaks down).”

Statistics also show that “Used cigarette filters are full of toxins known as tar, and those chemicals leach into the ground and waterways, damaging living organisms that contact them. And, most filters are discarded with bits of tobacco still attached to them as well, further polluting our environment with nicotine.”

Imagine every cigarette that you smoke today being thrown at your front door step. As well as not being a pretty sight, they are contaminants! Each day we continue to trash this magnificent world God has given us. It’s time to become accountable for our actions…time to salvage what we’ve been destroying. Butt…there is a place for them, and it’s not on the ground!

Diana Berry