A tribute to our most loyal friends

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By Jonna Spelbring Priester

When he first came into our office, Bob McGee told me about Molly with a tear in his eye.

His faithful companion, with whom he walked nearly every day for as long as they were friends, had died.

McGee and Molly had a long relationship of master and loyal pooch. I understood the tears in his eyes.

Over the years I’ve had countless dogs —and cats — and seen them come and go. Koko the German Shepherd mix was one of my best friends when I was a child.

About five years ago I was looking at saying goodbye to a faithful, if not slightly persnickety in her later years, feline friend.

Sugar had been my pet for about 15 years, and the decision to humanely end her life was one of the hardest and most gut wrenching I’d ever faced.

And so it was I could relate to the tears in McGee’s eyes.

McGee came in with a simple letter:

“She was a ‘Heinz 57’ dog. Molly was very pretty; black and white with a touch of light brown here and there. The white stripe between her eyes almost got her named Stinker (The white stripe reminded us of a skunk’s stripe), but we decided we liked the name Molly better.

“When we moved from the country to the city she had to adjust from free range acres and acres to a small city lot. That was no problem for Molly. A few corrections and she soon realized her new boundaries.

“Molly and McGee took a daily walk. Many people would give her doggie treats along the way. Candy gave Molly doggie treats from the liquor store drive through window. Chat ‘N Nibble gave her a sausage patty now and then. Bootie Peyton had doggie treats. Molly knew where she kept them, and would go straight to the cupboard to beg her treat.

“We have had several doggies over the last 53 years. Molly will probably be our last as well as our favorite.

“Enjoy your pet as best you can because someday, you have to go on without them.”

McGee is right — if you have a pet, enjoy them to the fullest of your ability for someday, they won’t be there.

But while they are with us, they make our lives more rich, and I think, more complete.

And no matter how bad a day you’ve had, remember this quote by Roger Caras — “Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”


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