A true turn-around city meeting

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By Jonna Spelbring Priester

I’m pleased to say that the most exciting thing I witnessed Monday night was the display of hoops excellence that was the Duke-Butler battle for the NCAA championship.

Thanks to a subdued Pleasureville City Commission meeting, the game truly was the most exciting thing of the night.

When last I wrote about the Pleasureville meeting, it definitely was not in a favorable light.

That commentary came after a meeting that was of the type I never thought I’d actually witness — as a reporter, you hear about such meetings, but never think you’ll actually witness one.

Today, I am pleased to write that this month’s meeting had a much more civilized tone, and was led by Mayor Rodney Young.

In fact, many of the folks who squawked the loudest at last month’s debacle were conspicuously absent Monday night. I suspect the meeting would have been just as calm, even without the presence of Henry County Sheriff Danny Cravens.

Kudos to Mayor Rodney Young who, in his opening comments, said the following: “The purpose of this policy is to maintain order of public meetings by structuring the public comment process in such a way as to allow the board to effectively and efficiently perform its primary function and make a collective decision on the issues before it.”

He went on to read the policy, which said commissioners would conduct themselves in a respectful manner without using foul langauge and refrain from using inflammatory remarks.

Then the board set about effectively and efficiently carrying out its primary function — making decisions for the city. It was done quietly and respectfully, without the vitriol that dominated recent meetings.

Compared to the last two meetings, this one was quiet and orderly, almost conciliatory.

The agenda was small and the meeting took all of half an hour.

There were minor slip-ups during the meeting, as residents wanted to ask questions but were told they needed to wait until the end of the meeting.

Kudos again to Young, but also to the commission and residents in attendance for a well-conducted, civilized, turn-around meeting.

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