Vote for candidates who have “best interest” in mind

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By The Staff

I have watched appallingly as a group of citizens have taken our small community and created havoc at every turn. The Making Waves group headed up by Manda Gingrich  has turned our community into a virtual war zone. Friend is now against friend, family member against family member, and neighbor against neighbor — how sad.

The original direction given to Making Waves was for them to solicit pledges of funds to assist with getting the old swimming pool open — no funds were to be collected by this group.

Gingrich has commented several times about the lack of spending accountability and restraint in city government. I maintain that it is her and her group who are not being accountable to the citizens. No money was ever given to the city clerk as donation jar money. The $617, which she is now saying included jar money, was turned over to the city through Farmers Deposit Bank by way of a money order and was told to be from a quarter drive at Eminence Elementary School. So I ask, where is her accountability? Now, let’s talk about restraint in city government spending. As I recall, it was Gingrich and her group who wanted to spend more than $300,000 for renovation of the old swimming pool, which would only be open approximately eight weeks in the summer. Thankfully, the city was able to see the light and voted not to proceed.

It was Gingrich who wanted to spend reserve funds from the water and sewer department claiming that these funds were found. I contend the funds were never lost. I congratulate our city clerk, Sandra Doane, for making good investments over the past several years so we have excess reserve funds. I commend our previous administrations for approving these investments. I commend our employees for being conservative in the past to allow us to have these excess reserves.

Regardless of what Gingrich says, I have reviewed the city records and concur that all individuals and businesses who donated directly to the city through the Making Waves treasurer have been offered their donation back with some stating for the city to keep their donating for something else. I am one such donator who has re-ledged my funds to a future project. The money collected by Craig Meadows during his senior project fundraiser cannot be returned to anyone but Craig as those funds were turned into the city by Craig. I contend that a donation is also different from a fundraiser. A donation is something given for which you receive nothing. A fundraiser usually will involve a meal, free entertainment, etc. You get something for your participation. I contend that Craig’s was such a fundraiser. The individuals attending received something for their money. I want to congratulate Craig on an excellent project and commend him for his efforts. It is said that his project has been made into a controversial issue.

Gingrich states we have no kid friendly recreation for our children and grandchildren. She now wants to take credit for the idea of developing our park. This has already been discussed by the current administration and plans could get underway sooner if the city was not always having to deal with issues created by Gingrich and her group.

Gingrich states her husband, three children and grandchild have been subjected to vile and vulgar personal attacks that have no limits. I was under the impression her children and grandchild did not live locally, so how are they being attacked? I contend she is the one doing the attacking.

I will stop here with two final comments. I too have complete faith in Eminence voters and trust that the residents of Eminence will defy Gingrich and her attacks and vote for candidates who truly have the best interest of Eminence at heart — not just someone who has a vendetta over the swimming pool issue. I ask the voters to make sure you know the truth, not just what Gingrich wants you to know.


Jerry Clark