Vote yes on by the drink

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The Henry County Country Club was established in 1966 and opened in 1967. The facility was built as an affordable place of recreation for the Henry County community. The club offered golf, tennis, swimming and fishing then, and still does today. The club boasts one of the best golf courses in the state of Kentucky. Thousands and thousands of dollars have been brought into Henry County through tourism from the golf course.

In the last several years, several new golf courses have been built in the Louisville and northern Kentucky area. There are some existing courses that have even added hotels and cabins in order to offer three- or four-day golf packages. It has become extremely competitive in the golfing industry. Players have more courses to choose from and gas prices also have a big impact.

These are just a couple of reasons why voters of the northeast New Castle precinct should vote to allow the sale of alcohol by the drink at the Henry County Country Club. In today’s business world, every source of revenue must be considered in order to stay competitive and to maintain the facility that exists. The cost of maintenance and upgrades to put out a desirable product is very expensive. Let’s not let this opportunity slip by to keep viable what the Henry County community has benefitted from for more than 43 years.
Vote yes on June 21.

Jimmy Simpson