Walker may be cleared

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By Brad Bowman

John Walker may soon be cleared of charges in a family meth case.

In 2012, a Henry County Grand Jury indicted Walker for unlawful distribution of a meth precursor, a class D felony.

The indictment stemmed from a search of the family residence on Wolfpen Branch Road in May 2012. During that search, Kentucky State Trooper Mitch Hazelett found an active meth lab and materials for meth production in his parents’ Christina and Geremy Walker’s home.

Hazelett found John Walker’s name on a database for the purchase of pseudoephedrine. Hazelett arrested Walker’s sisters Amber and Sabrina Walker in May last year.

In Hazelett’s citation for Sabrina Walker, Walker stated that she, “…only bought pseudoephedrine for her own sickness and when her mom would ask her to purchase it for her out of convenience. However, she was purchasing amounts higher than normal.”

Barry Moore, Assistant Commonwealth Attorney, stated in Henry County Circuit Court last week that he has had conversations with the Trooper.

“We’ve did a search on KASPER (Kentucky All-Schedule Prescription Electronic Reporting) from January 2012 to June 2012 and it is clean,” Moore said. “This may be a full dismissal.”

Walker and his attorney Karen Faulker requested Walker be taken off monitored conditional release as he had lost jobs due to the frequency of drug screens. The testing system required Walker to leave the job site for testing and conflicts with the requirement for Walker to have full-time employment as one of the conditions of his release.

“I would like for him to do phone check ins and I’ll release him from drug tests,” said Karen Conrad, Henry County Circuit Judge.

Walker’s sisters and father, Geremy Walker, still have pending charges associated with the active meth lab found in a box labeled ‘Happy Camper.’

Christina Walker, John, Sabrina and Amber’s mother, pleaded guilty last month to 1st degree possession of a controlled substance 1st offense and unlawful possession of a meth precursor, 1st offense, both class D felonies. Conrad will sentence her Sept. 12. 

Steven Edward McFarland

Conrad set the 2012 Steven Edward McFarland case for trial July 1, 2014.

McFarland was charged in 2012 with four counts of 1st degree trafficking in a controlled substance for methadone, a schedule II narcotic, all class C felonies; one count of 2nd degree trafficking in a controlled substance for Buprenorphine, a schedule III substance; and possession of a defaced firearm, a class A misdemeanor.

McFarland’s attorney, Kenneth McCardwell, requested evidence alluding to an alleged threat made by McFarland to Kentucky State Trooper Detective Jason Brown.

On July 5, 2012, McFarland’s bond was modified to include that the defendant shall remain out of Cherrywood Subdivision in Oldham County and have no contact with Det. Brown.

“I was promised that by the former Commonwealth Attorney, Mr. Croley and Mr. Moore,” McCardwell said. “I am not trying to nose into their investigation.”

“This is not part of this pending case,” said Courtney Baxter, Commonwealth Attorney. “We don’t have it. I will look back through our evidence. We are ready for a trial date, judge.”

Judge Conrad did not dismiss McCardwell’s concern for the letter.

“It could create a bias… that would be the interest I would have,” Conrad said.

McFarland remains free on a $10,000 cash bond.