We are going to miss you

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 In the Oct. 3, 2012, Henry County Local Eminence Mayor Drane Stephens wrote an editorial stating:

“It is very unusual for a city our size to only have one pharmacy. Consider Crestwood and Owenton. Both are smaller than Eminence and neither even have as much industry yet both support at least two pharmacies with Crestwood even supporting two large national chain stores. Competition does not kill businesses, it makes them stronger.”

On April 3, the Henry County Local ran a lead story entitled “Cook’s to Close by End of Year.”  This means that not only will Eminence lose its “one pharmacy” it will also lose its only downtown hardware store and Henry County as a whole will lose two additional pharmacies as the New Castle and Campbellsburg Cook’s will be closing as well.  In case you haven’t yet done the math, Henry County will be losing three locally owned businesses in exchange for one large box-store in Eminence. 

Clearly competition does kill businesses.  Businesses and jobs our county can ill afford to lose.   

Thank you for making it almost to 50 years, Cook’s.  We’re certainly going to miss you. 

                                                                                                                              Regan Wann

                                                                                                                               Eminence Resident